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Builders Liens and Construction Disputes

Builders Liens and Construction Disputes

Both before and after problems arise, our lawyers provide expert advice to all industry participants.

Our Construction Law team has comprehensive knowledge of the Builders Lien Act (BC), and can assist those involved at any level of a construction project to understand their rights and obligations, and the remedies available, under this complex legislation.

We assist project owners, developers, and contractors to ensure that contract documents and payment practices properly define the scope of work, manage holdbacks, and minimize the risk and potential liability associated with builders liens, certificates of pending litigation, and trust claims.

Of course, it is not always possible to avoid issues on a construction project. Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and workers seeking to recover payment or enforce lien rights require accurate advice to meet the strict time limits under the Act. Landowners and developers need advice to avoid unforeseen penalties or payment obligations or to deal with registered liens that are stalling construction. Lenders must ensure that funding advances retain their intended priority.

Davidson’s lawyers are available to assist all construction project participants regarding any legal aspect, from land acquisition and permitting through to completion and sales.